Exhibition: in het Licht, groupshow in Krona Museum for religious Art Uden(NL).
Installation; Insulation sheets, electronics, ventilator. Approx. 125 x 175 x 15cm.
Fans slowly push air into the mattresss and then let it flow out again, this make it seem to breathe slowly with soft crackling sounds.


Kinetic object: MDF, fly swatters, electronics and steppermotors. Approx 110x70x130cm.
For the group show “WEG” (away/road) which thematically focused on the remains of a former camping site, Auszeit (sparetime) shows time passing like a digital flipping clock.
Not with numbers though. And every once in a while this “clock” becomes unpredictable.

The website to the project weg:


Without Title, Group-show, In pairs, Kunsthaus Troisdorf (DE).
Group-show with 4 Artist-couples from Germany, the Netherlands and Switserland.
Each couple presenting work which is a result of working in pairs.
Two objects, MDF, thermos bottles, metall. Approx 2x2x2m each.
Together with Sonja Karle.


Exhibition: Tulips from Kabul, Dogtroep in fortress Ruigenhoek (NL).
An installation project with guided tours in an old fortress near Utrecht with and about asylum seekers.
Installation: ear protection, firing slit. Approx. 15 x 45 x 5cm.