Exhibition: in het Licht, groupshow in Krona Museum for religious Art Uden(NL).
Installation; Insulation sheets, electronics, ventilator. Approx. 125 x 175 x 15cm.
Fans slowly push air into the mattresss and then let it flow out again, this make it seem to breathe slowly with soft crackling sounds.

Fountain (model)

Design for a competition (not selected), Sourcy Bunnik (NL)
Fountain: (Model of cardboard and rubber) concrete and rubber. Approx. 1200 x 850 x 30cm.
Rubber water-lily-shaped bags are slowly filled with water. Then, unexpectedly, with a powerful squirt they empty, each at their own pace.


Exhibition: complementary, Hengelo (’97), Haarlem (2001)
An exhibition with the theme 1 kg of orange and 1 kg of blue. 
Object: Fluorescent tubes, PVC, electric devices. Height about 140cm.
This rung ladder invites to climb up the light. The fluorescent tubes attract insects.

Monkish work

Exhibition AaArt, Aa-Church Groningen (NL), Leeuwarden (NL, ’99), Haarlem (NL, 2000), Utrecht (NL, ’02)
Installation: Aluminium, plasterboard, cardboard, electronics, motors, lamps, computer controlled.
Each copier approx. 65 x 50 x 120cm.
Look-alike photocopiers perform an “at random” choreography with their flaps and moving lamps.
(Photography first image: Wim van Kouterik)


Exhibiton: Tegenbeeld, Old Meat market Haarlem (NL, 2000).
Installation: Cold-store-device, wood, former entrance. Approx. 240x220x220 cm.
A 17th century meat market was converted into a museum some twenty years ago. The glass entrance was added for climate control. That entrance became obsolete again after the museum was extended. For Tegenbeeld this former entrance was temporarily converted into a cold storage room. The glass fogged up on the museum side and visitors started drawing and writing on the dimmed glass.


Exhibition: Test image from Halo Foundation at the former Court house Utrecht (NL).
Installation: 37 x 35mm-slides (+ projectors + screens).
At the street side of this former Court house building, screens and projectors are placed behind each window. Together they show a collage-style panorama of an overgrown fence, the time stamp on each slide suggests it proves something. But does it?


Exhibition: Artlibrary Nieuwegein (NL).
Installation: Wood, electronics, textile. Approx. 260x120x100 cm.
In the shopwindow of this art library is an empty pedestal. All of a sudden its soft skin starts to tremble; one moment in one place, the other moment in another.


Exhibition: Tulips from Kabul, Dogtroep in fortress Ruigenhoek (NL).
An installation project with guided tours in an old fortress near Utrecht with and about asylum seekers.
Installation: wood, paper, binder-paper, binder-rings, carpet.

Wall of fame

Exhibition, Polderlicht, Amsterdam (NL), Eindhoven (NL, ’08).
Installation: 128 flash-guns from disposable cameras, infra-red-sensors, electronics, computer steered, red carpet (in Eindhoven). Approx 900 x 600 x 240cm.
These flashes flash randomly yet somehow triggered by the visitors. (In Eindhoven: All of a sudden the flashing can stop, the “normal” light lights up, the dream is broken. After a few moments the flashing starts again and the dream continues.)
(images: Jan Theun van Rees).

Without title (Home)

Exhibitions: Beehive, Amsterdam (NL, ’08 – ’10).
Quickly changing group show with approx. 30 artists. Each artist has a white (cube) box of 60 x 60 x 60cm. Every Monday a new opening event.
The setup of this alternative set of shows was a good opportunity to test and try various ideas.


Competition: Borderland (not selected), Drente (NL).
Sculpture: Landartproject. 2 Flagpoles, a silver flag, a golden flag.
A silver flag is hoisted in the woods, between the trees. Nearby, in an open, cultivated field, is a golden flag.

Those who look to the outside

Exhibition: Ander licht, Hardebollenstraat, Utrecht (NL), Amsterdam (NL, ’10)
In a red light district a changing group show in a former prostitution window with installations that react to the surroundings.
Installation: window blinds, electronics, motors, wood, wires. Size variable.
All windows are covered by window blinds that occasionally peep open slightly, making passers-by feel like they are being observed.

Slow Prototyping

Residency with group-show: The ideal man, ArToll, Bedburg Hau (DE), Eitorf (DE, ’13)
Residency in one of the 60 houses on the grounds of an old mental hospital.
Installation: Din A4 paper sheets, sanded. Total size variable.
These toy-size cars are made of stacked but unattached sheets of paper. Therefore playing is not possible.
Only a gust of wind could blow them apart.


Group-show: Hanging Around, Art-Library Amsterdam (East)(NL).
Video-installation: A monitor hanging in a pendulum. Video-loop 3 min 43 sec HD, acrylic globe, metal, electronics, solenoids. Approx. 60 x 350(deflection) x 650cm.
A Pendulum is swinging. The suspended weight is a transparent globe with a monitor in it, showing two naked feet standing on a lined and numbered floor. The recording shows the feet while rotating around them. The two movements; the camera rotating around the feet and the swinging of the pendulum, interact.


Residency with group-show: Control, ArToll, Bedburg Hau (DE).
Video-installation: Video-loop 9 min 52 sec HD, player, projector, white foam board (approx. 60×80 cm), black cloth, stepper-motor, electronics.
A hanging foot is recorded underneath. You see the trees around it, losing their leaves. Looking closer you can see the small pulsating movements from the blood pumped through the veins. You can see the heartbeat.
The white projection-screen rotates in steps, approximately every second.  A couple of steps clockwise, a couple of steps counterclockwise; alternating in direction. The two movements interact silently.

Almost Exactly

Group show: Kunstpunkte, in the former Wool-factory Eitorf (DE).
Video-installation: Video-loop 2min50sec HD, Foam-board, electronics, servomotor, wires. Approx. 100x40x1 cm (Projection-Board).
A recording of a branch of a plant, moving in the wind. The recording is projected onto a board hanging in a large metal frame.
The board moves mechanically and seems to try to follow the movements by the wind. The sound you hear resembles the howling wind but sounds mechanical, a little spooky.


Group-project (proposal, not selected): Supergau (Meltdown) Flachgau, Salzburgerland Austria (AT).
Installation: 9 barriers, electronics. Size variable.
9 Barriers stand, scattered around, on the administrative border of two provinces, in an overwhelming landscape where nobody thinks of borders.
Like some strange kind of choreography they just open and close independently and randomly.


Group-show: Poet on the water/closer to the water, former island Schokland (NL). 
The show is a sculpture-route on and around the former island (now an elevation in the polder – and Unesco World Heritage).
Sculpture: wood, 5 buckets, showerhead.