Exhibition: in het Licht, groupshow in Krona Museum for religious Art Uden(NL).
Installation; Insulation sheets, electronics, ventilator. Approx. 125 x 175 x 15cm.
Fans slowly push air into the mattresss and then let it flow out again, this make it seem to breathe slowly with soft crackling sounds.


Kinetic object: MDF, fly swatters, electronics and steppermotors. Approx 110x70x130cm.
For the group show “WEG” (away/road) which thematically focused on the remains of a former camping site, Auszeit (sparetime) shows time passing like a digital flipping clock.
Not with numbers though. And every once in a while this “clock” becomes unpredictable.

The website to the project weg:


Without Title, Group-show, In pairs, Kunsthaus Troisdorf (DE).
Group-show with 4 Artist-couples from Germany, the Netherlands and Switserland.
Each couple presenting work which is a result of working in pairs.
Two objects, MDF, thermos bottles, metall. Approx 2x2x2m each.
Together with Sonja Karle.

Now and again

Group-show: Self is the other, Kulturwerkstatt Kircheib (DE).
Video-Installation: video-loop 19min56sec HD, player, projector, electronics, servo-motor, mirror, tripods.
Ab und zu is a projection of the head of a man (with a 30 day’s beard, eyes closed) on the upper side of the wall. Watching closely suddenly you notice the eyes blinking every now and then. Then randomly and completely unexpected the head seems to fall down, eyes wide open and accompanied by an unpleasant sound (created by the fast-moving servomotor). For a moment the head remains just above the floor, shaved. Then, much slower the head moves up again, eyes closed, the beard growing again.


Group-project (proposal, not selected): Supergau (Meltdown) Flachgau, Salzburgerland Austria (AT).
Installation: 9 barriers, electronics. Size variable.
9 Barriers stand, scattered around, on the administrative border of two provinces, in an overwhelming landscape where nobody thinks of borders.
Like some strange kind of choreography they just open and close independently and randomly.


Group-show: Outside ArToll, Bedburg Hau (DE).
Video: video-loop 1min45sec HD, player, monitor.
Final show in this Artist-Initiative on the grounds of an asylum.
The recording shows a man seen from behind bars. He picks one bar and starts to balance it on his hand.
The opening in the bars doesn’t seem to interest him. He just balances the bar. You don’t see his hands, just the bars and his face and one bar moving behind them.
Then the bar is put back in its place.


Group-show: Poet on the water/closer to the water, former island Schokland (NL). 
The show is a sculpture-route on and around the former island (now an elevation in the polder – and Unesco World Heritage).
Sculpture: wood, 5 buckets, showerhead.