Kinetic object: MDF, fly swatters, electronics and steppermotors. Approx 110x70x130cm.
For the group show “WEG” (away/road) which thematically focused on the remains of a former camping site, Auszeit (sparetime) shows time passing like a digital flipping clock.
Not with numbers though. And every once in a while this “clock” becomes unpredictable.

The website to the project weg:


Exhibition: complementary, Hengelo (’97), Haarlem (2001)
An exhibition with the theme 1 kg of orange and 1 kg of blue. 
Object: Fluorescent tubes, PVC, electric devices. Height about 140cm.
This rung ladder invites to climb up the light. The fluorescent tubes attract insects.

Without title (Bachorgan)

Exhibition: Bach and the arts, from Akteins, Cologne (DE).
Installation: Airpump, wood, PVC-pipes, tubes, aluminium, life jacket
size variable, floating device approx. 650 x 650 x 230cm.
By treading on the air pump visitors are able to float this circular set of pipes and tubes, with a lifejacket in the centre.


Proposal for a competition. (not selected).
Fountain: Stainless steel, ice cube machine, acrylic tubes, wood (benches). Approx: 3,5 meter diameter.
This Fountain doesn’t sprout, it drips. Ice cubes, made in the machine in the top of the pole, drop down through acrylic tubes, creating a whistling sound.
They fall in the wired basket and start melting. As a result water drips on the roof, creating a constant dripping sound.
From the roof the drops fall into the water that encircles the base and the benches underneath the roof.


Exhibition: New Members, Arti, Amsterdam (NL), Cologne (DE, ’04), Educational Art-DVD for Dutch schools (NL, ’07)
Object: Chips forks.  Approx. 30x30x25 cm.

Ground level

Exhibition: Polderlicht Amsterdam (NL), InNL booklet (’11).
A sculpture route around the polluted grounds of a former Gas factory.
Installation: Lampposts, electric wiring. Approx. 3500 x 2000 x 120cm.
A small row of lampposts seems to be sunk into the ground or grown out of it. Originally more than 12 meters high they peep out of the pavement with just a little more than their glowing heads.



Exhibition: Artlibrary Nieuwegein (NL).
Installation: Wood, electronics, textile. Approx. 260x120x100 cm.
In the shopwindow of this art library is an empty pedestal. All of a sudden its soft skin starts to tremble; one moment in one place, the other moment in another.


Exhibition: Landverkenners, Oostknollendam (NL), InNL booklet (’11), Schokland (NL, ’20).
Sculputure: 12 waterlevels, 2 palls. Approx 10 x 115 x 200cm.
Group show in a polder which became a bird sanctuary.
From afar this work looks like a sign, getting closer it becomes clear there is no text on this sign. Closer again one recognizes the levels that don’t seem to make sense.



Exhibition: Skybox Marcipanis, Amsterdam (NL).
This former school building now houses studios and a restaurant. In the former doorman’s house shows are organized.
Installation: several garlands made of black paper bird-silhouettes, black adhesive foil. Size variable.


Exhibition: Bewegter Wind, Lichtenfels (DE).
Installation: Visitors can unroll a huge party horn, using a large air-pump. The sound is the cacophony from several horns together. Once the pump stops, it rolls back silently.

Rough diamond

Proposal for a competition (not selected) for a new fountain in a city park in Schiedam (NL), InNL booklet (’11).
Fountain: 3 arms of an excavator mounted on a concrete pedestal. Randomly these arms dig up water with their buckets and let it pour out of holes in the buckets, back in the pond again and again.


Slow Prototyping

Residency with group-show: The ideal man, ArToll, Bedburg Hau (DE), Eitorf (DE, ’13)
Residency in one of the 60 houses on the grounds of an old mental hospital.
Installation: Din A4 paper sheets, sanded. Total size variable.
These toy-size cars are made of stacked but unattached sheets of paper. Therefore playing is not possible.
Only a gust of wind could blow them apart.


Residency/Grant at the “Artist village” Schöppingen (DE).
Proposal for a pavilion, presented in a booklet. Pavilion: sand, concrete, metal, chains, benches, light.
Approx. 17,5×17,5×7 m.
The only way to reach this pavilion is through the loose sand that encircles it. In order to make it possible for each visitor to feel to be the first one ever to enter, everyone is invited to leave the pavilion without leaving any traces. The traces can be erased by moving around the arms with the chains (which hang on the sand-surface).



Group-show: Hanging Around, Art-Library Amsterdam (East)(NL).
Video-installation: A monitor hanging in a pendulum. Video-loop 3 min 43 sec HD, acrylic globe, metal, electronics, solenoids. Approx. 60 x 350(deflection) x 650cm.
A Pendulum is swinging. The suspended weight is a transparent globe with a monitor in it, showing two naked feet standing on a lined and numbered floor. The recording shows the feet while rotating around them. The two movements; the camera rotating around the feet and the swinging of the pendulum, interact.


Residency with group-show: Control, ArToll, Bedburg Hau (DE).
Video-installation: Video-loop 9 min 52 sec HD, player, projector, white foam board (approx. 60×80 cm), black cloth, stepper-motor, electronics.
A hanging foot is recorded underneath. You see the trees around it, losing their leaves. Looking closer you can see the small pulsating movements from the blood pumped through the veins. You can see the heartbeat.
The white projection-screen rotates in steps, approximately every second.  A couple of steps clockwise, a couple of steps counterclockwise; alternating in direction. The two movements interact silently.

Almost Exactly

Group show: Kunstpunkte, in the former Wool-factory Eitorf (DE).
Video-installation: Video-loop 2min50sec HD, Foam-board, electronics, servomotor, wires. Approx. 100x40x1 cm (Projection-Board).
A recording of a branch of a plant, moving in the wind. The recording is projected onto a board hanging in a large metal frame.
The board moves mechanically and seems to try to follow the movements by the wind. The sound you hear resembles the howling wind but sounds mechanical, a little spooky.