Without Title, Group-show, In pairs, Kunsthaus Troisdorf (DE).
Group-show with 4 Artist-couples from Germany, the Netherlands and Switserland.
Each couple presenting work which is a result of working in pairs.
Two objects, MDF, thermos bottles, metall. Approx 2x2x2m each.
Together with Sonja Karle.

Monkish work

Exhibition AaArt, Aa-Church Groningen (NL), Leeuwarden (NL, ’99), Haarlem (NL, 2000), Utrecht (NL, ’02)
Installation: Aluminium, plasterboard, cardboard, electronics, motors, lamps, computer controlled.
Each copier approx. 65 x 50 x 120cm.
Look-alike photocopiers perform an “at random” choreography with their flaps and moving lamps.
(Photography first image: Wim van Kouterik)


Exhibition: Artrelay (speakerscorner), Gouda (NL, 2000).
Object: tube, wood, metal. Approx. 100 x 120 x 160cm.
Group exhibition with the theme Religion. With “Speakerscorner” representatives of all religions could preach from this pulpit which was made for the occasion. A bit rocky, it makes the speaker lose fixed ground.

Corridor / Overflow

Exhibition: visiting the neighbours, Tabitha, Amsterdam (NL).  
Concept/curated/organization together with Guda Koster.
Installation: Wood, pieces of carpet. Approx. 230 x 160 x 218cm.
In front of a window at the end of a corridor in a care centre, is a colorful pile/mountain/staircase made of many layers of carpet.

The upper inside

Artists in residency, ArToll, Bedburg Hau (DE).
Two Objects: Beaker and Dish made of tablets, glued together, on the altar of the church at the grounds of an asylum.
Dish diameter approx. 30cm.
Until mid 20th century, for patients in this asylum it was mandatory to join the mass in this church every Sunday.


Proposal for a competition. (not selected).
Fountain: Stainless steel, ice cube machine, acrylic tubes, wood (benches). Approx: 3,5 meter diameter.
This Fountain doesn’t sprout, it drips. Ice cubes, made in the machine in the top of the pole, drop down through acrylic tubes, creating a whistling sound.
They fall in the wired basket and start melting. As a result water drips on the roof, creating a constant dripping sound.
From the roof the drops fall into the water that encircles the base and the benches underneath the roof.

Tie / Tire

Exhibition: UitZicht, Artwalk Amsterdam (NL), InNL booklet (’11),
Bedburg-Hau (DE, ’12)
A show with the invisible gardens behind the houses as a theme. Each artist interviews the tenants about gardens and gardening. Their stories become the inspiration for the artworks shown in the shop windows of this art show. Concept/curation/organization together with Guda Koster.
Installation: Photoprint mounted on Aluminium, spider paper, antique bookstand.
In his childhood, the tension between A. and his father eased when they were gardening together. It was only after his father’s death that he picked up gardening again.

Wall of fame

Exhibition, Polderlicht, Amsterdam (NL), Eindhoven (NL, ’08).
Installation: 128 flash-guns from disposable cameras, infra-red-sensors, electronics, computer steered, red carpet (in Eindhoven). Approx 900 x 600 x 240cm.
These flashes flash randomly yet somehow triggered by the visitors. (In Eindhoven: All of a sudden the flashing can stop, the “normal” light lights up, the dream is broken. After a few moments the flashing starts again and the dream continues.)
(images: Jan Theun van Rees).

Without title (13)

Exhibitions: Beehive, Amsterdam (NL, ’08 – ’10).
Quickly changing group show with approx. 30 artists. Each artist has a white (cube) box of 60 x 60 x 60cm. Every Monday a new opening event.
The setup of this alternative set of shows was a good opportunity to test and try various ideas.
By chance my box number was 13. To start with I reacted to the superstition around that number.

Without title (Proboscis)

Exhibitions: Beehive, Amsterdam (NL, ’08 – ’10).
Quickly changing group show with approx. 30 artists. Each artist has a white (cube) box of 60 x 60 x 60cm. Every Monday a new opening event.
The setup of this alternative set of shows was a good opportunity to test and try various ideas.
This party horn box shows the party horns to visitors while other visitors have to kneel down to blow into them. Later one could drop money in one box, which activated a vacuum cleaner that blew the party horns inside another box. Without any physical connection, the money landed in the other box.

His Gardener

Residency with group-show: The ideal man, ArToll, Bedburg Hau (DE).
Land Art piece; Fallen leaves, partly removed. Approx. 9 meter diameter.
This H in a circle resembles both a helicopter landing spot, the sign for a men’s toilet and the sign for bus-stop in Germany.


Proposal (manipulated photo) for a site specific work.  InNL booklet (’11)
Polder-landscape, concrete foundations, Steel, paint. Size Variable.
Golf-courses often mimic a slightly hilly landscape; the variation makes it more attractive to play on. In the Dutch Polder-landscape these variations have to be man-made.
The artwork mimics a golf-course in a hilly landscape that isn’t there.  The normally sandy spots of a court are recreated in steel and put on poles to lift them above the ground. The result is the abstract imagination of a nonexistent golf-course.




Proposal (not selected) for the Amsterdam (NL) Light Festival.
Installation: Electronics, motor, table tennis balls, green laser, acrylic ball. Size variable.
A green laser rotates in circles close under the surface of a canal. A green line moves around like on a radar screen. Several small balls are floating in the water. Once the laser hits these small balls they light up.

Forced growing II

Residency with group-show: In front of behind, ArToll (Church), Bedburg Hau (DE).
With Elaine Vis and Guda Koster, we created Paradise 2.0 in the Church of this mental hospital.
Installation: Wood, plastic, plants, Natrium lamp. Approx. 400 x 300 x 275cm.
A greenhouse over/around the altar of the church.

Ich bin (I am)

Group-show: Mitwelt42103, in and around the new-Art-centre-Wuppertal (DE).
A group project about the tension between privacy and public matter.
Installation: Billboard in public space; photoprint, wood. Approx. 240×420 cm (Print).
The image used for Ich bin is a manipulated still from an execution-video send into the world by ISIS.
Both killer and beheaded are blurred slightly. The head of the victim/hostage is cut out so from behind you can put your head through the board and become part of the image.
Scattered over the picture, the shape of the oval cut-out is repeated (not cut out) as a graphical element.
The position of the persons, the color of their clothes and their strong outlines against a blue sky and desert, keep the image recognizable, certainly on a second look.
At the rear-side of the billboard, next to the oval opening, hangs a manual. It states the title of the work and the theme of the exhibition and invites people to stick their head through the billboard, make a picture of it and upload it to the website of the project (through a QR-code) and become part of the show. Only one person did this (with a dog in the opening). Many people did make the picture though, but didn’t want it to become public. Some recognized the source of the image only when they saw the image on the small screen of their phone/camera, with themselves in it.
Several threatening protests were sent to the local government, demanding the work to be removed immediately. As planned, after four weeks I removed the piece, unscathed and without any graffiti.

Now and again

Group-show: Self is the other, Kulturwerkstatt Kircheib (DE).
Video-Installation: video-loop 19min56sec HD, player, projector, electronics, servo-motor, mirror, tripods.
Ab und zu is a projection of the head of a man (with a 30 day’s beard, eyes closed) on the upper side of the wall. Watching closely suddenly you notice the eyes blinking every now and then. Then randomly and completely unexpected the head seems to fall down, eyes wide open and accompanied by an unpleasant sound (created by the fast-moving servomotor). For a moment the head remains just above the floor, shaved. Then, much slower the head moves up again, eyes closed, the beard growing again.