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My installations and objects, where the hand of Man is omnipresent but the absence of the human is striking, are about the boundaries of control.
Light and quickly recognizable at first sight, on closer inspection the work confronts the viewer with irreconcilable contradictions. I mostly eliminate an artistic handwriting: Depending on theme and location a suitable material and way to present my work are chosen and I step back entirely behind their effect and message. Often the work incidentally fits in with its surroundings and doesn’t let itself be explained directly; it has to be associated with its context.

Biography / CV

SHOWS, PROJECTS, ETC. (selection):
2022 Uden (NL), Museum Krona, in het Licht, (object “Mattrass”)
2022 Kircheib (DE), Kulturwerkstatt, WEG, (object “Auszeit”)
2022 Geldern (DE), Wasserturm, Memento Mori, (object “Noose”)
2021 Troisdorf (DE), Kunsthaus, Paarweise, (two objects “Borderline”)
2021 Schokland (NL), Dichter op het land, (installation “Waterfall”)
2021 Bedburg-Hau (DE) ArToll, Outside ArToll (video “Inside Out”)
2020 Schokland (NL), Dichter op het water, (installation “Level”)
2020 Salzburg (AT), Proposal Supergau (installation “Ouverture”)
2019 Kircheib (DE), Acht; selbst ist das andere, (installation “Now and again”)
2018 Den Helder (NL), Werk aan de winkel: Water (2 installations)
2017 Wuppertal (DE), Mitwelt42103, (Installation “I am”)
2016 Various proposals
2015 Amsterdam (NL), Inkijk (installation “Promised” together with Sonja Karle)
2015 Eitorf (DE), Kunstpunkte (videoinstallation “Almost exactly”)
2014 Amsterdam (NL), CBK, Hanging Around, group show (installation “Standing clock”)
2014 Amsterdam (NL), A’damLightFestival, (NL) Proposal (installation “Strip”)
2014 Bedburg-Hau (DE), Artoll, (DE) Control, residency with group show (installation “Sweepheart”)
2013 Karlsruhe, (DE) Fettes Land, (video “Fall fantasy”)
2013 Köln, (DE) Wandel (installation “Kicker”)
2013 Schöppingen (DE), Stipendium/Residency (installation “Tempio”)
2012 Bedburg-Hau (DE), Artoll, (DE) In front of behind (installation “Forced Growing”)
2012 Delft (NL), id11, buitenGEWOON, (installation “Verder”)
2011 Bedburg-Hau (DE), Ideal Man (3 installations “His Gardener, Ruf, Slow prototyping”)
2011 Nijmegen (NL), Paraplufabriek, Geweld (object “Guillotine for a mammoth”)
2011 Alkmaar (NL), Project 72, Consumism (object “500 hand cut sheets A4 paper”)
2010 Amsterdam (NL) Beehive (various installations)
2010 InNL Booklet (NL), (proposal for installation “Green”)
2010 Schiedam (NL), Competition, (sculpture “Rough diamond”)
2010 Waldeck (DE), Moved Wind, (installation “Evolver”)
2009 Amsterdam (NL), Beehive (various installations)
2009 Amsterdam (NL), Inkijk (installation “Uitkijkers/Watchin out”).
2009 Utrecht (NL), Another daylight (installation “Watch Out”)
2009 Amsterdam (NL), Skybox Marcipanis (installation “Wings”)
2008 Amsterdam (NL), Beehive (various installations)
2008 Oostknollendam (NL), Veldwerk (installation “Level”)
2008 Einhoven (NL), Re-Act (installation “Wall of Fame”)
2007 Amsterdam (NL), Polderlight, (installation “Wall of Fame “)
2007 Amsterdam (NL), Artwalk “Out of sight”, group show, (organisation, installation”Tie/tire”)
2006 Antwerpen (NL), de Branderij (installation “no title”)
2005 Wachtendonck (DE), “10 Jahre Wasserwerk”,(object”Hostess”)
2005 Amsterdam (NL), Polderlight, Artwalk (installation “Ground Level”)
2005 Utrecht Ruigenhoek fortress (NL), Tulips from Kabul, Dogtroep theatre company (installations)
2005 Nieuwegein (NL), Artlibrary, shop-windowproject, (installation “Socle”)
2004 Amsterdam (NL), Inkijk (view), subwaystation Wibautstraat (installation “Summertime”)
2004 Geldern (DE), Watertower Bursary, (sitespecific installation “Run Through”)
2004 Köln/Bedburg-Hau (DE), Artoll, “10 Jahre ArToll” (Galerie Seidel, ArToll, objects)
2003 Köln/Amsterdam/Berlijn, “Kommensienachhause” (object “8th continent”)
2003 Amsterdam (NL), Arti et Amicitiae, group show “Numbers Only” (object “Helmet”)
2003 Amsterdam (NL), PS-Parool, 75-yrs Olymp.Stadium “Playing” (organisation, publication)
2002 Amsterdam (NL), Arti, group show “Non Members Only” (object “Romeo”)
2002 Amsterdam (NL), Tabitha, group show. “Buurten”(organisation, installation “Overflow”)
2002 Utrecht (NL), court house 3rd round “Testimage” solo (sitespecific installation “Gap”)
2001 Köln (DE), Akteins, group show “Mensch” (sitespecific installation)
2000 Haarlem (NL), Meathall, de Groep, group show”Tegenbeeld” (sitespecific installation”Chilly”)
2000 Köln (DE), Akteins, group show, “Bach and the visual arts”, (sitespecific installation”Bachorgan”)
2000 Gouda (NL), Kunstestafette, Speakerscorner (Pulpit/Rostrum)
2000 Bedburg-Hau (DE), Artoll, “Sommerlabor” (two sitespecific installations “Romeo&Julia”)
1999 Haarlem (NL), De nieuwe Vide, “Clip 2”, group show (two objects)
1999 Haarlem (NL), De nieuwe Vide, “A group show”, (objects)
1999 Bedburg-Hau (DE), Artoll, workingperiod “Essig, Salz und Käse” (sitespecific installations)
1998 Groningen (NL), Aa-church, “AaArt”, group show, (sitespecific installation “Monkish work”)
1997 Hengelo (NL), show “Complementary”, group show. (two objects “Lighter / Chandelier”)
1994 Amsterdam (NL), Galerie Drie, show (gouaches, sculpture “the Twist”)
1993 Amsterdam (NL), show. “The tears of Miss Holland”, (sitespecific installation “Miss Holland”)
1990 Amsterdam (NL), De Ruimte, Liesbeth Lips, 3-man’s-show (paintings)
1989 Productionbudget “starter”, municipality of Amsterdam (NL)
1987 Amsterdam (NL), municipal acquisitions

PUBLICATIONS  (selection)
2017 Westdeutsche Zeitung, “Das grauen steckt im Kopf” (with image)
2017 Westdeutsche Zeitung, “Das kann nicht weg”
2014 Kölner Stadtanzeiger (with image)
2014 Rheinische Post
2013 Kölner Stadtanzeiger (with image)
2012 Rheinische Post, (with picture).
2004 Rheinische Post, “Weg von der Eiszeit” (with picture).
2004 Rheinische Post, “Abenteuer im Labor”
2000 Gouwse Courant, “Elke week speakerscorner op de markt” (with picture)
2000 Haarlems Dagblad, “De Groep, groepsexpositie in de vleeshal.
1999 Haarlems Dagblad, “grof vuil als erotisch object” (with picture)
1997 Tubantia, “Oranje expositie wordt tijdens opening blauw” (with picture).
1993 NRC-Handelsblad, “Bleke dame op het strand” (with picture).
1993 Het Parool, “Een heer met hart voor de kunst” (with picture).

1999-’01 HKU (postgraduate teacher training dexterity)
1984-’86 Rietveld Academie Amsterdam (monumental design) unfinished.
1980-’83 Academy Industrial Design Eindhoven (Productpresentation) unfinished.